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A larger identity

Every now and then my inbox feeds me something unexpected that changes the way I see things. This week it was Matthew Taylor’s RSA Chief Executive’s lecture, The Power to Create: It came at the right time. Having been made … Continue reading

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Nurturing the polymaths…

My Power of Language post last week, Precision Tools, referred to the recent James MacTaggart Lecture given in Edinburgh by Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google. The lecture is, I understand, a keynote of the television industry’s year and Schmidt … Continue reading

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Precision tools

I have a new hero. His name is Lindsay Johns. He is a writer and broadcaster and a mentor to young people in Peckham, and I first encountered him on Radio 4 two weeks ago. Why is he a hero? … Continue reading

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The trouble with jargon… and with plain language

This is a fuller version of an article that appears on RSA Comment Next month, the Plain Writing Act of 2010 comes into force in the USA.  Its purpose is “to improve the effectiveness and accountability of Federal agencies to … Continue reading

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Of communities and things in common

I’ve read two posts in the last few days which have got me thinking about the c-word. The first was by the always thought-provoking Tessy Britton on collaboration versus conflict in the shaping of community outcomes.  She talks about her … Continue reading

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Information sharing in the Big Society

In one of my past lives I ran an information and mapping business – Land Management Information Service (LaMIS) – which took a new approach to public information.  I think my experience may have some application to the idea of … Continue reading

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Intellectual property, enterprise and public good

Intellectual property, enterprise and public good A discussion paper by Ben Bennetts FRSA, Managing Director, LaMIS, written between October 2005 and September 2007. This paper represents my personal views and not those of my employers, past or present. LaMIS ceased … Continue reading

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