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The shock of the familiar

It is always a revelation to come back to a piece of music one has known well after a period of absence. But seldom is that revelation so startling, so exhilarating, so cathartic as it was for me when first … Continue reading

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Words Will Never Hurt Me

I’m immensely pleased to share this recent article by the ever thought-provoking, charming and erudite T.L. Tyson. It’s worth clicking on the link below and reading the whole article. Growing up, I became familiar with the phrase “Sticks and stones … Continue reading

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The single eye

I have recently befriended a rather superb teacher of English, who chooses quite deliberately to teach war poetry in the summer. Not for her the narrow confines of the November window, with its poppy-wreathed procession of Owen and Sassoon. No, she … Continue reading

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Minister announces bold initiative

Owing to the current Economic climate There is a glut of words. We are left with no choice.  We must Make challenging efficiency savings To reduce our expenditure of vocabulary To sustainable levels. In order to help us To achieve … Continue reading

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The secret life of pronouns – New Scientist

Thanks to Terry Kroenung for pointing out this article. The smallest words in our vocabulary often reveal the most about us, including our levels of honesty and thinking style STOP for a moment and think about your most recent conversation, … Continue reading

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Nurturing the polymaths…

My Power of Language post last week, Precision Tools, referred to the recent James MacTaggart Lecture given in Edinburgh by Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google. The lecture is, I understand, a keynote of the television industry’s year and Schmidt … Continue reading

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Precision tools

I have a new hero. His name is Lindsay Johns. He is a writer and broadcaster and a mentor to young people in Peckham, and I first encountered him on Radio 4 two weeks ago. Why is he a hero? Because, in … Continue reading

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