About me

IMG-20161017-WA0000Hello. Ben Bennetts. Pleased to meet you.

Who, me? Well. Let’s see. Father of daughters (the last census showed four); local government officer by day; live in Hackney.

I’ve worked in a good many areas of local government – education, transport, environment, planning, and for most of the last ten years social care – and though I’m not a professional in any of these fields, I retain an interest in all of them. My role has usually been about managing and implementing change.

I set up a company in 2005 providing mapping and environmental data to farmers and parish councils. (Long story; click LaMIS on my tag cloud to see more.) That kept me busy until 2007 when I returned to local government.

I’m an inveterate reader and occasional poet, fascinated with words. I was closely involved in a project called The Power of Language, which I’ve now taken over and am hosting on this site; and am also a Fellow of the RSA, with particular interest in their work on arts, creativity, information management and intellectual property.

Posts are likely to reflect some, all or none of the above. I will post about more or less anything that interests me. Matthew Taylor asked me recently at an RSA event what the point of The Power of Language was; my reply (eventually): “A place to voice ideas that I think matter”. The same is true of this blog.

Thanks for visiting.

2 Responses to About me

  1. MHM says:

    Not sure why/how I’ve missed this blog; perhaps because I’ve been ‘elsewhere’ of late. Situation remedied – I shall now follow!

    Toodle pip.

  2. margaretskea says:

    Hi Ben, ditto to comment by MHM – I shall now follow too.

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