Words Will Never Hurt Me

I’m immensely pleased to share this recent article by the ever thought-provoking, charming and erudite T.L. Tyson. It’s worth clicking on the link below and reading the whole article.

Growing up, I became familiar with the phrase “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” It’s something my parents told me when I complained about being called names at school or by my siblings. This sort of became my mantra as I worked my way through elementary and then high school. Yes, I got called a lot of names. No, they didn’t bounce off of me and stick to the other person.

The truth is, words do hurt. More than anyone is letting on.

As a writer, words are my life. And I understand how important they are. Also, I understand the power behind them. The pen is mightier than the sword didn’t become a popular saying by chance. It’s truth. Anyone who puts as much time into writing and crafting and creating as I do, recognizes how words can affect other people. They can render someone speechless, make them angry, cause them grief, bring a smile to their face and completely devastate them. Words can repel a person. Words can bring someone closer.

In this day and age, with blogs and emails, Facebook and Twitter, we are so careless with our words. We say things off the cuff. Comment without thought. Plaster our opinion wall to wall. Press send with rereading. Everything is open for discussion, comment, and interpretation. We live in this world where we are comfortable saying what’s on our minds, what’s in our hearts and often we do it without reservation, not taking into consideration how it influences or feels to the people around us. And, when something is said that hurts or causes concern, we rebuff with “it’s only the Internet”. This is something I agree and disagree with.

Read more on THAT GIRL TYSON: Words Will Never Hurt Me.

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2 Responses to Words Will Never Hurt Me

  1. Niko Mäkinen says:

    From another writer to you, I agree with you with what yu wrote. I used to be called with names at school. After I started to draw comics and draw my mind on paper the bullying got less hurtful. After I started writing my mind I noticed I have grown stronger. Fortunately U write fiction so I will not cause anyone grievance for my stories. But on the other hand, I do write my opinions very eagerly amd they might be more annoying than anything else. Words do hurst no matter who you aim them at. I just hope everyone would accept others as they are. We don’t have to remind everyone else how stupid we (as word abusers or users) reakky are.
    Hope this opinion was understadable. 🙂

  2. T.L Tyson says:

    ♥ Thank you! 🙂

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